Booking Information

The price examples on our web pages are prices per week = 7 nights. All prices are in Euros (€) and validated for the whole year - we do not have different season prices during the year! Addition on the price per day for shorter rental periods than one week are possible. The prices are for all persons who are renting a house - adults and children have same prices.

The price you pay is inclusive water, electricity, gas, fresh towels, fresh bed linen and incl. the cleaning of the accommodation.


Rental Charge

Included in the price:
  • Cleaning of the whole accommodation before your arrival
  • Fresh towels and bed linen, as well as fresh beach towels and towels for sun loungers
  • Water consumption during your holiday stay
  • Consumption of electricity and gas (if available)
  • Weekly pool maintenance by the pool man
  • Garden maintenance by the gardeners
Excluded of the price:
  • Extra cleaning during your holidays (ask us before booking)
  • Food and nonfood articles (as toilet paper, cosmetics, suntan oil etc.)
  • Flight, Car rental and assurances for your private holiday stay
  • All rental object are for self-catering holidays


This you should note for your arrival on Lanzarote:
  • The arrival and departure is possible every day (no fixed days of arrival).
  • The arrival time and especially the departure time are individually adapted depending on property.
  • For your arrival you will always receive the contract documents together with an instruction on how to reach the destination - your rented holiday home.
  • Please call ALWAYS our number when you have arrived at the airport of Lanzarote while waiting for your luggage or the rental car, so we know that you are there. Our telephone number on Lanzarote is +34 928830310 or the mobile number +34 650169848.
  • If you do not dare to find the way to the accommodation yourself, please arrange with us a meeting point where you will be met and picked up.


This you should note for your departure from Lanzarote:
  • Please abide by an agreement of the departure time so that the cleaning staff can prepare the property for the next guests.
  • Please leave the property "broom clean" and take your trash, glass bottles and plastic bottles with you to the recycling station.
  • You must not take off the bed linen or clean the floor - leave it just broom clean - the rest is the job for the cleaning stuff.
  • Please be so kind an take cushions of sun beds and chairs, towels and umbrellas always into the house and close all windows and doors. Please make sure that all electrical appliances (TV, radio, possibly air conditioning, stove, etc.) are turned off and switch off the light. Thank you so much!
    Damages in the house:
  • If you have damaged something of the inventory of the rental property, so try to inform us as possible in time to find a solution locally and during your holidays. In this case you have to pay for the costs. However, many landlords are not so petty and let one or another little mishap like broken dishes go through. If you have a private liability insurance, his will help you in most cases, even with major damage such as in furniture, appliances, and kitchen appliances, if the landlord should claim compensation for damages.

Further Information for your Holidays on Lanzarote

Tranquility on Lanzarote: Please note our general short information about "Tranquility on Lanzarote" (see link). In some holiday objects you will also find the link under the keyword tranquility. It is always better to know something in advance in order not to be disappointed later on site.

Booking Request online

The booking request is free: You will receive an individual offer for your selected holiday home via email. Only in case of confirming our offer by email we will send you the contract for renting the accommodation on Lanzarote. After paying the deposit your holiday home will be booked authentically on your name. Please read our booking information and our general terms and conditions.

The easy Way to book a Holiday Home with Lanzarote-virtual

  1. The booking system is very easy. Click o the booking banner (see above) and you will be linked automatically to our booking request page. Please fill out all requested fields and send us the page online. The booking request page will be transmitted via https:// secure system, so that nobody else can read your personal data.
  2. All booking requests will receive a written offer for the selected holiday home or vacation villa. This offer is free and non-binding.
  3. In case you agree to our offer and you want to book the object you have to confirm our email offer by email or fax. We will prepare and send you our official rental contract for your selected house, rental time and rental price.
  4. In the rental contract you will find all details for paying the first deposit and also when and to whom you have to pay the rest of the rental charge. All payments can be done by bank giro transfer. We do NOT accept credit cards or paypal payments.
  5. After your arrival on Lanzarote you should drive straight to your vacation villa, because we will welcome you and show you the accommodation personally. You will find a clean and well maintained house which is prepared for your holiday stay. You will enjoy your holidays from the first hour on.
  6. After the handover and key delivery of your vacation home, you are free to go shopping or to visit a restaurant. We will give you some hints where good places are!
  7. Questions, wishes or little problems? We are your contact partner on Lanzarote and we will organize little problems if there may be an electricity failure, not working water heater or TV blackout etc.
  8. We have no seasonal prices. So you do not pay more even in high seasons! We want you to spend private holiday without having to pay more than necessary - even less with children during the holiday season.
  9. There is no risk - we manage this business since the year 2000 and we have lots of satisfied and happy clients. You can trust us.
  10. Please read our general terms and conditions which you will find on this page here.
We hope seeing you soon as our satisfied customer on Lanzarote.
The Service-Team of Lanzarote-virtual

Updated form of the booking information 01-February-2016


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