General Terms and Conditions

1. Information and descriptions of objects

Lanzarote virtual on the Internet is an online broker for apartments, bungalows, houses, villas, fincas, rental cars and also purchase selected private properties on Lanzarote. Lanzarote-virtual assumes no warranty or liability for the accuracy and completeness of the available information and data about the rental properties. We have researched with best knowledge and us given opportunities. The information about apartments, homes and villas, its up-to-date conditions, its equipment, its furniture and functionality is provided by the owners or the managers of the holiday accommodations and not always complete reviewed by Lanzarote-virtual. All photographs of the presented accommodations are take by our own photographer - so it's true: what you see it what you get - although there can be changes by the owner since our last photo shooting.

2. Communication between renter and landlords

In order to provide a good success for clients (owners) and contractors (the tenant/renter), the communication is realized by Lanzarote-virtual via e-mail, telephone or fax, because not all owners of holiday homes do have internet or e-mail connection and often can not always be reached to ask them. Not all may realize discussions with interested guests and sometimes they do not even speak your language.

Lanzarote-virtual will contact guests and tenants / rent payers up to the placement of a tenancy agreement.
The lease itself is always done directly with the landlord, owner or manager of the property or vacation home, even if Lanzarote virtual has done the preparations, the meetings, the communication and to the organization as a professional broker for you as a customer and tenant.

3. Lanzarote-virtual is not a travel agency neither a tour operator

Lanzarote-virtual is only an online intermediary for the above referred services and act only via internet through the own website "" in English language and "" in German language. Lanzarote virtual operates only advertising and intermediary for the holiday accommodation (houses, apartments, flats) on behalf of the owner or manager of the available property or accommodation.

4. Our holiday accommodation agency service is completely and reliably

The booking is simple, fast and secure with https:// encoded transmission. Lanzarote-virtual will pass over holiday guests directly, seriously and reliably to the landlord or manager of the rented holiday home. Lanzarote virtual will arrange the contact between the guest / tenant and the owner of the object. The online request via the contact page is free of charge and serves to indicate the holiday wishes and holiday dates of asking guests / renters to organize a perfect vacation home for him. If an object which was requested is free, Lanzarote-virtual will inform the vacationer or tenant as soon as possible via email. If the object is not free, matching alternative accommodations will be presented.

5. Reservation and payment

With successful booking of your preferred vacation home for your holiday time you will receive a confirmation of Lanzarote-virtual via email and a written rental contract. The payment terms are included in this rental contract, while between 10% and 25% (depending on the object) for the lease amount is to be paid within 8 days from conclusion of the rental contract. This deposit payment makes your booking authentic. The payment of rent and costs is at least one month before your holidays and must be payed directly to the bank account of the landlord or manager of the rented vacation object. The details (like payment amount, bank account, etc.) will be given to you within the written rental contract. Don't worry, we do this since years and it is the best way to pay and book a holiday home safe and reliable.

Please note: Fees for the change of reservation of confirmed rented objects will be charged extra, depending on the individual case and in prior consultation with the tenant.

6. Cancellation of a reservation

In case of cancellation of a reservation no later than 30 days before the rental date of the holiday home the payed deposit for the booked vacation home or apartment expires totally. At a later date of the cancellation of a reservation after the 30 days before starting to rent the accommodation, 50% of the remaining rent are due. Disputes because of direct payments have to be discussed directly between landlords and tenants - Lanzarote-virtual assumes no liability and no indemnification for failure of direct payments from tenants to landlords or refundment of payed money from an owner to the holiday home renter.

7. Reservation, brokering, disclaimer, insurance

With receipt of the written rental contract or confirmation of a booking exists a service level agreement between the lessee (holiday customer) and the owner or manager of a booked accommodation or property. Usually Lanzarote-virtual asks the owner or manager of a booked vacation object for a confirmation via email, which has to require the reservations or booking. The property is rented for the period and purpose as agreed. Own dispositions for rentals made by the owner himself must be sent directly and promptly to Lanzarote-virtual that we know the blocked days and will not arrange contracts with other renters of the object.

Lanzarote virtual, as a mediator on the Internet and partner for all communication between holiday guests (tenants) and contractors (managers or owners of properties), does not assume any liability, either directly or jointly, from this performance contract and beyond any potential non-contractual obligations between the client and the owner or provider of the reservation object. This disclaimer includes any pecuniary damage, claims for property damages and / or personal injury.

Please book a personal accident insurance for your stay on Lanzarote and your rental time in the private accommodation - you book your holiday home on own private risk!

We also recommend a private travel insurance during your journey.

Important for house owners / house managers: Lanzarote-virtual as mediator does not assume any responsibility for compliance with all legislation about letting houses on the Canary Islands (Lanzarote). Also Lanzarote-virtual does not assume any responsibility for compliance with all tax legislation about claiming money from tenants. For these matters house owners or house managers are responsible themselves. 

8. Contractor liability · Customer liability

The customer as contractor is obliged to treat the rented and provided accommodation carefully and properly. All the damages caused to the object or its facilities must be communicated immediately to the contractor or his manager, or direct to the team of as intermediary by phone (+34928830310) or email (service(at) announce and to pay the cost of repair of the damage or replacement of the damaged subject.

Der Kunde und Auftraggeber ist verpflichtet, das gemietete Objekt oder die ihm überlassene Einrichtung sorgsam zu behandeln und alle von ihm verursachten Schäden am Objekt oder dessen Einrichtungen umgehend dem Auftragnehmer oder seinem Verwalter vor Ort oder direkt dem Team von telefonisch oder per Email zu melden und die Kosten für Reparatur oder Ersatz zu tragen.

9. Place of fulfilment · Place of jurisdiction

All claims for damages of the traveller (renter of a holiday accommodation) must go directly to the relevant landlord, owner or manager of the rented object on Lanzarote to judge. Performance is the domicile of the respective service provider mentioned anticipated.

Updated form of the general terms and conditions 01-February-2016


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