"Tranquility" on Lanzarote

>> We offer vacation homes in the village, on the outskirts, near the sea, in a secluded location on the countryside or higher up on the hillside, where you can enjoy private holidays in peace and calmness. On the subject of "peace" in Lanzarote we like to give you in advance a general information:

>> Lanzarote has no forests, no fields and no bushes. Some wild palm trees can be found. All greenland, gardens and palm alleys are created by men and can be found only in villages, hotels and holiday resorts. The mountains are littered with rocky and volcanic stones and tar coatings of roads are often coarse and rough. Lanzarote is a volcanic island with lots of wind and temperate desert temperatures. In this landscape sounds of cars, motorcycle noise, general road noise and engine noise are well worn and even reflected in the highlands of the mountains back to places far away.

>> No forest absorbs the noise, no bushes dampens the sounds. You can hear goats bleating, barking dogs, human voices or engine noise from far away without seeing the source or author. Additionally the wind most of the time is blowing over the island, which amplifies either noise or with ideal wind direction simply blows it away. And the wind itself generates noise of palm trees, spontaneous whistling, hissing or rattling at house corners, roofs and windows. On the other hand may be a neighbor will start some garden work or is doing some renovation work on his house. This is incalculable. In the fall from September to November hunting season is opened in Lanzarote - hunters pull already early Sunday morning with their barking dogs through the fields and shoot at rabbits and birds or whatever they find in the fields. So it may be that one or the other vacationers feels very individually the tranquility on Lanzarote and may be one or the other are disturbed by some noise level.

>> But note: driving to the tourist centers, sitting in bars or coffee shops, in pubs or restaurants or at the beach with many other people will soon recognize that at "home" in the private accommodation offside the masses a special and calmness its in the air. It is generally felt that Spain is somewhat "louder" as other countries: In open bars is spoken loud and sometimes other may think they have a quarrel, coffee machines roar while grinding the coffee beans, glasses rattle, car horns, mopeds rattle, trucks beeping always when reversing and the garbage disposal comes usually several times during the nights.

>> We wish you relaxing holidays in one of our vacation homes and hope that you will enjoy the tranquility and silence of the place offside!

Editorial team Lanzarote-virtual.com

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