Caleta de Famara · Little Village with sandy Bay in the Northwest of Lanzarote with breaking Waves and strong Winds perfect for Kitesurfers

Famara BeachCaleta de Famara is a little "sleepy" village on the northwest coast of Lanzarote. Caleta de Famara is in the municipality of Teguise and has almost 1,000 inhabitants. Famara is more an "alternative" village off the beaten track. The place is located lonely in a wide open bleak landscape at the foot of huge mountain ranges - the Risco of Famara - and offers alovely coast with natural sandy bay, famous for perfect waves for kitesurfing. The bleak landscape behind the village is permanently covered by the wind with shifting sands and has very little vegetation. The "Batata" - the sweet potato from Lanzarote - is grown here in the fields, because it grows well in the sandy soil.

In the village of Caleta de Famara, the roads are not yet all tarred or paved, the beach is natural and towards the mountains of the Risco de Famara  can be found an urbanisation of holiday homes, built by Scandinavians in the 1970s,. This settlement called "Casas de Famara" is an early holiday home estatea with many bungalows. Location view Google Map below.

Caleta de Famara Lanzarote
View to the beach with breaking rolling waves and the village Caleta de Famara in the background.

From Northwest mostly a strong wind blows directly in from the sea and high constantly approaching waves delight the surfers. In Caleta de Famara can still be eaten cheap and good food, especially if you love local fish prepared the Canarian way. Caleta de Famara offers some tapas restaurants as well as local restaurants where you can get good local gastronomic specialties as fresh fish and seafood. Here you are sitting in front of a unique scenery with the highest mountain of Lanzarote (670m) overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with permanent breaking waves included! Recently the "Promenade", the little fishing harbor and the small sandy beach of the village have been restored and provided with streetlights. Here you can walk in the sea breeze along the waterfront of the village Caleta de Famara...

Caleta de Famara Panoramic View
Another view from a mountian walk tour back to the village and the bay.

Famara Bay at the food of Risco de Famara mountains
The wide sandy beach with kitesurfers and beach walkers invites to enjoy the fantastic island nature.
 Kitesurfers at the Beach of Famara
Kitesurfers at the beach of Famara. It is amusing watching the guys surfing up and down the beach jumping on the waves. Also kitesurfing shools are here to train people to this lovely sport.

"Going for a swim" you should do here with great caution - always people have been drown out, even if they have been good swimmers. The riptide can draw out people into the open sea and it may be too late forever. On the beach of Famara, the flag should always be observed: RED signifies forbidden to swim, yellow signifies caution and green is safe to swim and you can swim near the beach. Most of time the red flag is hissed and this is the signal for "swimming forbidden".

Famara Bay perfect for long walks and jogging
The flat beach and the hard sand are perfect for long walks or your jogging event along the coast up to the corner where the beach ends below the rocky mountains.

Here a breathtaking view down from the mountains "Risco de Famara" (viewpoint during a mountain walk up to the rocks) down to the village, the bay and the bleak landscape. Here you may enjoy the fresh ocean air, the always blowing wind, the rolling waves with its wite foam, the calmness and the unique place between the Atlantic ocean and the hight lava mountains of this northern area of Lanzarote.

Panoramic View from the mountains
Photograph from a mountain walk along the Risco de Famara mountains looking down to the bay and the village.

Risco de Famara mountains with height up to 670 m
The rocky mountains rise up from the sea level up to about 650 to 670 m.

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