César Manrique Foundation - Former House of the Artist and today Museum of Art and Sculpture - a must to visit on Lanzarote

Fundacion Cesar ManriqueCesar Manrique with LambCésar Manrique was born on the 24th of april in the year 1919 and died in tragic car accident on the 25th of september 1992 quite near to his house on Lanzarote.

Lanzarote should play a very important role in the life of Manrique. It has been the source of his creativity and the imagination for most of his pictorial and sculpture art. Lanzarote is also the place where C.M. has planned and prepared the majority of his architectural projects. And up to this day his "new" island architecture, which he himself developped, with the construction model of white houses and buildings not higher than 3 stories works "Thank God" up tro toiday for the developping of villages and tourist areas on Lanzarote. Therefore on Lanzarote can be seen lots of only white houses, the colors green and blue for windows and doors and only clear and straightforward formes in the architecture.

The César Manrique Foundation was started by himself and a group of friends in 1982. In March 1992 it was officially opened. lt is a private cultural foundation which is self funding. Today the foundation is in the artist's own house and studio workshops. (Location see map at the bottom)

The whole complex of buildings was altered by Manrique to turn it into a museum and gallery. Works of sculpture, paintings and drawings by Manrique and other artists can be seen in the gallery.

Art Work of Cesar Manrique
Picture above: Even from a distance you will be greeted by a mobile artwork of César Manrique at the house parking of the foundation.

Picture below: A big CM (Cesar Manrique) decorates the iron entrance gate of the foundation house.
Cesar Manrque Logo CM

Stairs down to the house of C. Manrique

Above: Stairs down to the former house of César Manrique, built in lava bubbles under the surface, connected with several tunnels and white stairs. There are several rooms in different colours and with minimalistic decoration. See the following images:

The Red Salon - one of the sitting rooms in the former house of César Manrique
Red salon with red bench and red sculpture. A tree is growing up to the sky through a hole in the ceeling.

White stairs to another sitting room of César Manrique
White stairs and tunnels connect the different levels and rooms.

One of the white sitting rooms in the lava house of César Manrique

Another large white sitting room of César Manrique

Dining Area with Table and Bench
Another area in the garden next to the pool and the outdoor kitchen, with table and a brick built bench for meals in a larger group with friends and guests.

Manrique ArchitekturCesar ManriqueThe house is built on a plot of 30,000 sq.m. over a stream of petrified lava, from the time of the 1730-36 eruptions. Five volcanic bubbles have been incorporated in the building which has two stories.

The uniquely shaped living rooms are in the bubbles themselves. lt is a very impressive building which the artist and architect, César Manrique has enhanced with his gifts of imagination. He has achieved a harmonious synthesis between a modern Lanzarote style house and unique natural forms.

House of César Manrique Garden with private Pool
Here a view to the garden with the private pool in a lower level outside the house in a large lava bubble. A secret place to relax under the sun, with lots of lovely plants, an outdoor kitchen, a dining table in a cave and this magnific pool area with water fall out of the rocks.

Opening times:
Daily from 10:00 to 18:00 Uhr including sundays and festive days.

Only on the first of January the house is closed.

Entrance Prices:
Adults pay 8.00 € Entrance
Children up to 12 years are free, from 12 years onwards the adult price has to be payed.

Gallery with Lava-Window by C.Manrique

Image below: view to the gallery room with a large window where the lava is flowing from the fields into the room. A brilliant idea of César, it gives the feeiling of moving lava coming into the building to the gallery.
Below: Another view to the art gallery of César Manrique.

View to the art gallery of César Manrique

Lots of large original paintings and artwork can be seen in the C.M gallery:

Two Art Works of Cesar Manrique (© LanzaRed SL)
Above: Two original artworks of César Manrique.
Left: "Daniel" ------- Right: "Famara1965"

Artwork Tierras Rojas from César Manrique (© LanzaRed SL)
Original César Manrique artwork: "Tierras rojas" (Red Earth)Garden of the Cesar Manrique House
Image above: garden view with wall, decorated by C.M. by volcanic stones and with thousands of little broken tiles. Imahge below: Sculpture in the garden in front of the house.

Artwork César Manrique: 2 figures (© LanzaRed SL)

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