Femés · Small Mountain Village at the southern Slopes of the 609 m high Atalaya Mountain in the South of Lanzarote - with splendid Views

Femes de LanzaroteThis old farming village is located at 450m hight above sea level at the foot of the Atalaya de Femés, with 609 m the second high mountain of Lanzarote. Femés was once a place of refuge from pirates coming from the sea to held up and to rob farmers on the very poor island. Along the road in the valley between the Atalaya mountain and the Los Ajaches mountains there are numerous old farm dwellings and fields. The valley is very fertile and on the ground can be produced large onions and juicy tomatoes, also there are growing the famous Lanzarote potatoes "papas" and some vine (Location of Femés see map below)

View from the mountain to the village of Femés
View from the mountain to the village center of Femés with the narrow and steep road down to Playa Blanca.

Cabras - Goats in Femes
Femés provides one supermarket, three restaurants/bars and a well known cheese shop which is quiet interesting for people who like fresh goat cheese in various tastes, who like to buy some wine from the local vintager or to look if there are potatoes, tomatoes or other fresh greenstuff from the local farmes.

Goat cheese is a speciallity and visitors can buy it very fresh and hand made from local farmers according to old recipes: fresh white goat's cheese, goat's cheese in gofio coat (toasted corn flour), in red pepper coat, smoked goat cheese (smoked with leaves of Tunera cactus). "Quesería Rubicón" in the village centre behind the Bar Femés opens daily from 10:00 to 18:00 h and is worth to visit!

Femés - Quesería Rubicon behind the Bar Femés

From "Mirador de Femés" a unique panoramic view, overlooking the Rubicón plain up to Playa Blanca can be enjoyed, while having a coffee or a "cerveza" on the terrace of the Mirador caffee bar.

Panoramic View from Femes to Playa Blanca
View from "Mirador de Femés" (450m) to the Rubicón plain and Playa Blanca.

Dorfplatz mit Palme und der Bar Femés
Village center of Femés with palm tree and bar-restaurant Femés.

The centre of religious life is the church "Ermita de San Marcial del Rubicón" of Femés, with a statue of the patron saint of Lanzarote "San Marcial de Limoges". Already in the year 1404 the church of  Rubicón had been the first seat of the canary bishop. Then the "Cathedral of San Marcial del Rubicón" stood here in earlier days, but it was demolished by pirates in the 16th century. 1733 the church has been rebuilt and represents since that time the center of the actual village of Femés.

Nowadays Femés belongs to the parish of Yaiza and is a small quiet and not very busy village, which is visited by tourist who like to enjoy the fantastic view to Playa Blanca including some unique sundowns or to start their walk up to the mountains (Pico Redondo, Atalaya, Acha Grande) of this rural region.

The church Ermita de San Marcial del Rubicón
The church Ermita de San Marcial del Rubicón in Femés.

In Femés there are many festivals in honor of the saints which are a highlight of the village life and to the locals but also like to attract tourists. After the mass in the village church in honor of "Nuestra Señora la Virgen de Los Remedios" once a year in early September, a procession take place around the village square, as in our pictures can be seen. The figure of a saint is then carried from the church through the small village and accompanied by local music groups and the villagers walking behind. Many locals dress in teir traditional clothes to be authentical and pretty.


Local music Group in the Village
Local music Group in the Village of Femés.

Pulpo a la Plancha - Grilled OctopusIn Femés there are good traditional restaurants - for example, the restaurant "Balcon de Femés" with height terrace and stunning views to Playa Blanca, fresh fish of the day, pulpo a la plancha (grilled octopus) and good meat will be served.

Another small village restaurant and bar in the center is called "Bar-Restaurante Femés", here you can enjoy excellent local specialities, cooked by the owner himnself. This bar opens at 6 o'clock and closes at 18 o'clock.

Those who stay longer on the beautiful terrace in the traditional family restaurant "Casa Emiliano" can watch from here beautiful sunsets.

Pimientos de Padron - green PepperThe terrace and the rustic interior of Casa Emiliano are popular with tourists and locals because of good home cooking, the good Lanzarote wine, the pleasant ambience and good service. Here you can enjoy excellent local specialities, such as rabbit, baby goat, stews, lamb chop and Papas con Mojo (Lanzarote potatoes with garlic sauce). A special holiday experience and a special place to stay!
The only bad point on the lovely terrace is the traffic noise, because of the road passing right by the house.

Restaurant Casa Emiliano Femés
Restaurante "Casa Emiliano"

Atalaya de Femés Mountain 609 m
The mountain Atalaya de Femés, 609 m hight.

Valley from Femés to Casitas de Femés
View to the road crossing the Valley from Femés to Casitas de Femés.

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