El Golfo not only provides fresh Fish, Sea Food and Sun Sets · A Walk along the rocky West Coast gives the Chance to experience the untouched Cliff Coast near the Timanfaya National Park.

Hinking in El GolfoIf you like to walk along the cliff coast from El Golfo you find a small pathway through the rough lava field which was created during the eruptions of the fire mountains. Requirement is that you have good walking-tour shoes, a wind protection jacket and solar protection as sun glasses and hat. In that area strong winds are blowing very often down from the mountains to the sea while the sun is heating you up in the black lava landscape.

The road from Yaiza to El Golfo is easy to find and perfect to reach El Golfo in a short car drive. To start this walk you may park at the end of the village (needs driving through the small village road up to the end) on the parking area next to the childrens playground. From here you can see the pathway starting into the black lava fields. Look to the Google map below.

El Golfo - overlooking the small Village

Fishing village El Golfo at the west coast - white houses along the coast embedded in black, brown and sometimes colorful lava landscape.

Hiking along the coast in El Golfo

The stony pathway leads into the black lava fields up and down on the cliff coast.

El Golfo Lanzarote - Lava formations
Fantastic rock formations will be found along the rough cost line.

The small pathway leads along the cliff coast and through a very interesting untouched original Lanzarote nature. The path is small and needs concentration to walk without falling over the thousands and one stones. The view is breath-taking and the contrast between the crystal clear green and dark blue shining water and the black and dark brown lava stones are unique and spectacular. In the lava landscape you may find here and there interesting details as cactus plants looking as bird's nest in the middle of a black stones group or typical Lanzarote plants as the tabaiba tree (or bush) growing out of the gaps in the surface as well as flourish plants colorizing the dark fields with their red, orange, yellow or green highlights.

Impressions of spectacular Nature

Lots of subjects may be found by interested hikers and photographers.

Tabaiba in the Lava - Impressions of spectacular NatureLovely Green between tha rough Lava Rocks

Very special plants with unique flowers and delightful colours are growing.

The cliff coast slopes down about 30 to 50 meters and it is dangerous to leave the pathway or to walk near the rock shelter. Also you have to bee careful of some caves or holes near the path which are open to the top and go down to a unrecognisable depth. Loose stones may slip and fall you into! There are plenty of opportunities to make photographs or take a video shot of the foaming water along the cost and the high waves rolling towards it. Also there are spectacular rock formations along this wild coast.

The Pathway goes through an impressive Landscape

The path leads into the Timanfaya National Park - there are signs to recognize this, because it is a protected area. But the pathway leads some hundred meters into the Nature Park and then ends in the rocks. From a high point on the cliff we can look down to a hidden black and sandy natural beach (see image below). It is not allowed to walk through the National Park further on without an official guy - so it is better to turn around for the way back to El Golfo to be there in the right time for dinner, wine and sun set.

Playa El Paso - Lanzarote - hidden black Beach

From the pathway looking down 30 meters from the cliff to a hidden black beach.

Wild Coast at the Timanfaya Park near El Golfo

The Timanfaya Park is impassable and protected as nature reserve.

At the end of this short coast walk you will be glad to see again the white houses of El Golfo looking forward to enjoy a meal with fresh fish or fresh sea food accompanied by a bottle of original Lanzarote wine from the La Geria wine area and of course - as usual - appreciating one of the unique El Golfo sun sets in the Atlantic.

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Back to El Golfo Village

Back again, the white houses of the village of El Golfo welcome you...

Sun Set in  El Golfo Lanzarote

..and of course the unforgetable sun set in the Atlantic.

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