Caldera Blanca - Walk to the largest Volcano Crater on Lanzarote through the Lava Fields at the border of Timanfaya National Park - 458m altitude - 1200m diameter of the Crater

Caldera BlancaThe tramp to the Caldera Blanca starts in the village of Mancha Blanca south of the village Tinajo. The small place of pilgrimage is situated near the Timanfaya National Park and belongs to the district of Tinajo. Mancha Blanca is well known because of the church "Ermita de los Dolores" and the annual pilgrimages there. But we are focusing today on the walk through the rough black lava fields up to our destination "Caldera Blanca".

Arminda - the guide to Caldera BlancaThe drive by car is on the road passing the Timanfaya Natural Park - in other words from Yaiza coming - past the entrance to the National Park (left side of the road) even further on the road LZ67 past the visitors center (Centro de Visitantes) until right before the village Mancha Blanca. There you can turn left into a small dirt road through the fields driving a bit further up to a small parking area and the information board of the Caldera Blanca. Starting the trail from here you can already see the Caldera Blanca and Montaña Calderata standing out in light ochre color from the black lava landscape.

Coming from the La Geria via the road LZ56 trough the village Tinguatón, turn in Mancha Blanca left towards Yaiza - Timanfaya and drive up to the village sign, then turn right into the gravel road to the parking spot or even to the information panel ( see picture right). Location and Satelite view can be seen on our Google map.

At the start of the trail there is an information board which informs about the path and the route in three languages (es-en-de). The exact position of Caldera Blanca shows our Google Map below.

Information Panel Caldera Blanca Lanzarote

Images above: Information board at the beginning of the trail in Mancha Blanca. Our small picture above shows the official hiking guide Arminda from Senderismo Lanzarote, who brought us to the Caldera Blanca and informed us professionally about all the details.

The Caldera Blanca - the white crater - was formed about 1 million years ago and today this mountain stands out of the black-blue lava which had flown around in the years 1730-1736. Nearby is the little sister Montaña Calderata. A lava flow also spilled out between the Caldera Blanca and Calderata.

The trail from Mancha Blanca first pulls a few kilometers through this sea of ​​sharp and craggy rock formations. Only a few lichens can be found here - otherwise resembles the plain of the landscape of a still unsettled and newly discovered planet. The path is covered with gravel of lava stones and partly leads directly over solidified lava. Offside the way you can not set one foot without tearing up your shoes at the sharp-edged lava.

Walking on the Lava Trail
Caldera Blanca Lanzarote

Majestic the bright Caldera Blanca together with the little sister Montaña Calderata stand out from the black sea of lava.

Always the Caldera Blanca mountain in front of us, we have crossed the sea of lava after half an hour and begin to rise above the edge of Montaña Calderata going to our main goal, the large crater. In between, the group will be informed by our official hiking guide about plants and nature as well as the history. The path from now leads uphill up to the huge wide crater - but easy to find and go. Once at the top - after climbing up the about 300 meters height difference - the view opens into the 300m deep crater with 1200m in diameter. Fantastic!

Some Plants grow in the Valley Caldera Blanca

Once at the border of the crater we have to walk around the entire hole up to the highest point. Arrived at this point we make a half-hour break and enjoy the 360 degree view overlooking nearly the whole island of Lanzarote.

View in to the Crater of Caldera Blanca
On the Top of Mountain Caldera Blanca
Rest at the Top Caldera Blanca Lanzarote
Raven "Arthur" Caldera Blanca
Raven "Arthur" is naturally curious about who today will be on the mountain top and in its territory and whether there is a piece of goat cheese or apple as a reward ....

From the crater rim a 360 degree view to the south over the Timanfaya Mountains or north up to the Risco de Famara can be enjoyed. However, this requires a clear day with good visibility. Here are some impressions from the top of the crater of Caldera Blanca:

360 degrees Round View
View to the North to Famara
Panoramic View overlooking Lanzarote

Here are some hints for people who do this tramp the first time:
Please start the walk in good shoes such as mountain hiking shoes, take enough water with you in your backpack as well as a packed lunch for the rest on the top. Reasonable effective sun protection as a hat or a cap and protection agains the wind which ca be blowing very cold on the top of the mountain shoul be in your backpack.

If the wind is blowing strong this tour should not be done because on the crater there is nothing to hold on or to hide against the full blowing wind. And the walk can be very dangerous!

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