Jameos del Agua · Volcanic Galleries with subterranean Salt Lake · Gardens with Pool and Auditorium designed by César Manrique

Jameos del Agua LanzaroteIn the north of Lanzarote - in the "Malpaís de la Corona" (bad land of the volcano La Corona) there are volcanic galleries and caverns with exceptionally characteristics. This area was formed by spectacular volcanic eruptions from the volcanic mountain "Volcán de la Corona" which built huge subterranean tubes and caves on the way right down to the ocean. This process started already four thousand years ago. In these subterranean natural "buildings" the Cabildo de Lanzarote (the island government) decided to prepare one of the very interest places to go for sightseeing on Lanzarote - created together with the famous Lanzarote artist César Manrique. Location see our map below or view the Google Map.

Opening Hours Jameos del Agua:
  • Daily from 10:00 bis 18:30 h - also the coffeehouse and the souvenir shop
  • Restaurant 11:30 to 16:30 h
  • Summer (1.7. to 30.9.) Saturday also from 19:30 to 24:00 h open
  • The restaurant offers on the latenight day dinner from 19:30 to 23:00 h
Prices for entrance - adults and children:
  • Tourists - adults pay 9.00 EURO and children 7-12 years pay 4.50 EURO
  • Residents of Canary Islands - adults pay 7.20 EURO, children 3.60 EURO

Entrance to the galleryTerrace of the coffeehouse at the entrance

Entrance and coffee terrace down in the first grotto.

The coffeehouse close to the salt lake
View to the coffeehouse terrace in one of the lava grottos.

Below: View into the volcanic cavern which is connected with the ocean. The tunnel starts right behind the terrace of the coffeehouse. In this long "lava tube" experts have been diving into to look whats inside. They found some other tiny animals which only live in this dark saltwater tunnel.

Jameos - Cueva hasta el Mar

This place is open for visitors since the year 1966. The word "Jameos" probably comes from the antique old language and it refers to a cavity produced when the roof of a volcanic cave collapses. To enter the Jameos del Agua we have to go down rocky steps to the first large "room" under the earth - open to the sky - and the place for the coffee bar and restaurant with its terrace and views to a lower level into the cave to the subterranean lake.
We will feel the calmness and will smell the humidity of this place which make us fee a part of this nature. The vegetation and the experimental background music emphasise the atmosphere.

On our way more down we discover the subterranean lake which has salty but very clear water and is the place for tiny white blind crabs to live - which normally use to live in deeper sea more than 2000 meters of depth. The level of this lake depends on the different tides of the ocean, from where the water filters through the volcanic tunnels and caves created by the eruptions thousands of years ago.

Jameos del Agua - subterranean salt lake
Jameos del Agua - subterranean salt lake in the cave, where the tiny white crabs live. On the side of the lake people can walk along to the other outlet to come to the surface and to the lovely gardens with pool.

On the small pathway along this lake we pass through the volcanic cavern and have to climb up some rocky stairs and volcanic terraces - with tables, dancing area, bars and toilets - to reach the second "Jameos" - a wide open-air area which presents us a fantastic bright white swimming pool. This pool nowadays is not in use but was designed by César Manrique perfectly in the volcanic and rocky surrounding as a contrast. A lovely path invites us to walk around this swimming pool looking at the flora and plants growing between the rocks and around the pool:

Garden with Pool in the Jameos del Agua

The garden in the former rubbish dump was created to a central wite pool with pathways all aroung and lots of plants as well as palm trees. All created by César Manrique.

Subterranean Auditorium in the Jameos del Agua

On the end of this Jameos, beyond the pool, there is a subterranean auditorium which is a fantastic volcano cave where about 600 people can enjoy its natural acoustics while concerts and ballets or other cultural activities will take place.

The auditorium in that cave now has been renovated and made much more secure since more than 10 years (the static of the volcanic roof and the water density had to be made better and safer) and the government now has reopened this auditorium for visitors and classic concerts.

Jameos del Agua - subterranean Auditorium
The subterranean auditorium with stage for concerts and more.

Terrace and beer garden: From visiting this natural subterranean auditorium we have to climb up another natural stairs and will finally reach some terraces on the surface to order a beer, coffee or other drinks to relax and to enjoy the views down to the swimming pool and overlooking the large "Jameos" we came from.

Then we have the opportunity to visit the "Casa de los Volcanes" - a world-wide known scientific centre devoted to volcanic studies. It is very interesting to walk through the rooms showing us lots of information of the Canary Islands and Lanzarote and the volcanic erruptions and activities under sea level.

Also there are instruments and computers to measure activities of eruption and earthquakes nowadays. At the end - before reaching the parking area - we may buy some gifts in a small gift shop to remember our visit in this spectacular tourist centre of Lanzarote.

Skulptur von César Manrique vor dem EingangEisenlampen-Skulpturen von Manrique
Sculptures of César Manrique: The iron crab and some iron garden lamps.

Another Garden in the Park
Casa de los Volcanes - the center to measure eruptions and earthquekes nowadays.

Lots of photographs of volcanic eruptions and flowing hot lava streams can be seen in the house. Very impressing how Lanzarote once had been.
Information im Casa de los Volcanes

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