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La Geria Lanzarotelf you take the road from Uga to Masdache, between the mountains of Chupaderos and Guadilama, you come through the wine-growing area of Lanzarote at the border of the Timanfaya National Park. Driving along this road is an exciting experience, partly because of the narrowness of the winding road which is directly bordered by lava fields and vineyards, and partly because of the unique quality of the black landscape. The good grapes of Lanzarote grow here in this area of "La Geria" which will become the Malvasia wine, most suited to the climate. (See the map below)

The wine-growing region at the border of Timanfaya National Park is the largest in Europe. The canarian name of this area is "La Geria" and it is with about 15 km length and 5.255 hectares suface area located in the geograhical centre of Lanzarote.

La Geria - Wine-growing Area of Lanzarote
View to the wine-growing fields of La Geria where the famous wines of the island ripen.

Local farmers could sidestep the problem of Lanzarote’s extremely low rainfall, which was obviously a major hurdle for any kind of crop or wine cultivation in this area. The method of cultivation for wine producers is that everything has to be done by hand. The vine stocks are individually planted in craters dug to around two meters in depth. They are then covered in "Picon" (black cinders) and protected further by the semi circular "Zocos" - Zocos are the halfmoon round stone walls made from the natural lava stones from the fields to protect the crater where the wine stock grows against the wind and to keep the cinder on the fields. Sometimes - when there are larger and deeper craters made - the wine has to bee protected by stones all around aginst wind erosion.

La Geria - Lanzarote - Grapevine

Ripened Grapes in AugustEach plant, each grapevine must be protected from the ever present and strong blowing wind by this half-moon wall of volcanic stones. And these stones are only put one on each other without cement - they are so rough and sharp that they stick together without grout.

The vines grow well in the middle of these small craters in the cinder covered earth, while the "picon" itself allows to store the night time humidity and transfer it to the roots in deeper areas to water the vine and encourage growth.

The walls and plenty of little craters are typical for this part of Lanzarote and are a unique and photogenic experience. Some newer wine fields now started to have long walls of natural stones designed with little roads between the rows of grapevines to harvest the wine more easier than only by walking and pick by hand.

Since hundreds of years until today at harvest time all of the grapes must be hand picked - it is impossible to drive through the landscape with its thousands of craters and walls.

La Geria ImpressionLa Geria ImpressionLa Geria Impression
The road through this area leads along thousands of grapevines.

La Geria - little historic Church

Wines of Lanzarote from the "La Geria" can be tasted in various 'Bodegas' and also be bought. There are small villages, bodegas, restaurants, wine bars along this road and special tourist places where you may stop and purchase the wine. Also there are wine producing museums and other historical attractions concerning the wine-growing region. Anyone who enjoys a journey of discovery in the interior of an island is in the right place with the La Geria!

Tipp: Avoid driving in the late afternoon along this road towards Uga (towards west) and towards the setting sun. And please respect the wine fields, what means it is forbidden to walk into the craters or fields where grapevines grow. And it is not recomendable to touch or to pick off grapes. Make your fotos from the road or from some public pathways leading to the fields.

La Geria - view to modern fields without craters
The lovely and very interesting varying lanscape of the area La Geria invites for a walking tour through the black cinder and to brethe the air and the smell of this unique part of the island. But be carefully and respect the nature: it is a protected area of Lanzarote and you should walk only on public pathways and roads.

End of August or first days of September the wine harvest starts and all grapes have to be harvested by hand and put into baskets to bring them to the pickup cars of the farmes along the road.

Wine Grapes in August

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