Contrast Program of Nature · Water against Volcanic Rocks · Los Hervideros ist the Place to watch high Waves rolling against the wild Lava Coast of Lanzarote

Los Hervideros RocksLos Hervideros - volcanic rocky cost and caves which were formed by the volcanic eruptions during the years 1730 - 1736 when the Fire Mountains "Montañas de Timanfaya" let flowing the red-hot lava into the ocean and the glowing earth solidified in the salty water. Here now the island is some square kilometres larger and you can stand 30 metres high on the "fresh" lava rocks ending in the Atlantic Ocean. (Location see map)

On sunny days this place is worth to make a trip and walk along the pathways on the rocky coast looking into wholes and clefts down to the water which is dancing and singing between the rocks with white sea spray. See Google Map below, where to go.

High Waves at Los Hervideros Lanzarote
High waves you will see on windy days at the "Los Hervideros" rocky cost,
as this image shows.

On windy days when the ocean is rougher you can watch metres high waves rolling to the coast ending on the rocks with loud noises and very high an thick sea sprays all over. Its worth to make some photos or a live video but don‘t go to near... It is an adventure to see Mother Nature playing with the elements water, wind and rocks and you may imagine how it had been hundreds of years ago when the hot lava was flowing into the salty sea.

Sea Spray and rolling Waves at Los Hervideros Lanzarote

Breaking Waves at the rocky Lava Coast Los Hervideros

Tourist Attraction Lanzarote - Los Hervideros

On calmer days Los Hervideros place is a good location to go and enjoy the rocky
lava coast without the wet salty air from metre high waves. (Image below)

Los Hervideros

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Location : Los Hervideros

GoogleMap Los Hervideros


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