Mirador del Río · Sightseeing Location in the North desined by César Manrique overlooking the Island of La Graciosa from a 480 m high Balcony

Mirador del RioSightseeing point "Mirador del Rio": 480 meters above the sea-level, situated on the Famara mountains, the sightseeing point "Mirador del Río" is an architecture artwork of César Manrique - a tourist attraction centre with sightseeing terrace/balcony, coffeehouse and gift shop. Mirador del Rio is a unique sightseeing place from where you may look down to the sea overlooking the whole neighbour island La Graciosa as from an air-plane. The balcony on the rocks leads you at a giddy height. Location see map at the bottom or the Google Map here.

The Sculpture of Cesar Manrique

Opening times Mirador del Río:
  • Summer time from 1st of July to 30th of September:
  • daily from 10:00 to 18:45 h - also the coffeehouse and souvenir shop
  • Winter time from 1. Oktober:
  • daily from 10:00 to 17:45 h - also the coffeehouse and souvenir shop
Enbtrance prices:
  • Adult tourists pay 4.50 € / Childre from 7 to 12 years pay 2.25 €
  • Residents of Canary Islands: Adults 3.60 € / Cildren 1.80 €

Mirador del Rio La Graciosa
From the top roof terrace you may wish to fly as a bird from the rocks and glide down to the island of La Graciosa. Fantastic panoramic views!

Mirador del Rio C.M. SculptureThis was an old military artillery position, called "Batería del Río" that is now converted into a sightseeing point from where you can admire one of the most breathtaking landscapes on Lanzarote.

El Río - the name given to the inlet between the island of Lanzarote and the island of La Graciosa - has formed part of the historical events in this area of the Canary Islands. Along it Phoenician and Roman vessels sailed in the past as has been shown by the archaeological remains found in its depths.

Mirador del Rio Fire Place by C.M.
On arrival at The Mirador del Río we are pleasantly surprised by the semicircular amphitheatre of access, built of lava blocks, functioning as a general reception area. The main idea of the architect César Manrique was to hide till the very last moment the sight of the scenery which opens then as a great discovery and surprise. Finally we have the great panorama view to a group of islands, called the Archipiélago Chinijo - La isla "La Graciosa", la isla "Montaña Clara", "Alegranza" and "El Roque del Oeste" - which together with the "Famara Massif" are an official "Natural Reserve".

Apart from the breathtaking views the "Mirador del Río" gives you a fantastic and very individual holiday visit and good opportunities for taking unique pictures. Inside the restaurant and buildings you will find metal sculptures and art installations of C. Manrique as the small photographs show. Don't forget to walk up the stairs to the open roof terrace... and feel like a seagull!

Miardor del Rio Balcony and Pathway around the Rock

Mirador del Rio - the balcony on the rocks leads you at a giddy height overlooking the island of La Graciosa.

Mirador del Rio Viewpoint Lanzarote

The image below is the contrast to the photograph above: from the ferry to La Graciosa the view from sea level high up to the "Risco" mountains.

View from the Ferry to La Graciosa

And here we show you two other images: photographs of the islad of "Montaña Clara" and the island of "Alegranza" - both belong to the Archipiélago Chinijo and are protected regions.

Vulkaninsel Montana Clara

Vulkaninsel Alegranza

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Location Mirador del Río

GoogleMap Mirador del Rio La Graciosa


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