The famous Papagayo Beaches in the South of Lanzarote · Sandy Beaches situated in the Natural Park of "Los Ajaches" close to Playa Blanca

PapagayosThe sandy beaches are a unique natural feature between mighty lava rocks. You can drive by car almost to the beach itself. For the more ecologically inclined, a walk over the hills will bring you to one of the many bays. You wont need a bathing costume her, but you will need water to drink to take with you. Little bars and snack restaurants are only on the hill next to the last parking area at the end of the dirt road - there you can enjoy drinks and snacks with fantastic ocean views. (Location see map at the bottom)

Papagayos Playa Mujeres - the first long sandy beach
Playa Mujeres - the longest beach with about 400 metres of length

Papagayos Aqua azul y limpioThe name Playas de Papagayo conceal the most beautiful natural beaches on the island, which slope gently towards a crystal clear sea. The beaches are located in the Natural Park Los Ajaches, which is giving with its mountains (Hacha Grande, 561 metres) an impressive background to the area. The longest beach "Playa Mujeres", is about 400 metres long. Then there are the beaches "Playa Pozo", "Playa de la Cera" and the last and famous one "Playa de Papagayo" - a half round beach surrounded by rocks - like a postcard picture! Beyond the point Punta de Papagayo (which means the end or the point of the tongue of land) there are two more bays, "Caleta de Congrio" and "Playa de Puerto Muelas".

Im WasserEnjoy the crystal clear water and the unique formation of the lava rocks. In many of the bays you can swim naked and you can fully enjoy the wonderful sun, the freshness of the water and the beach with its backdrop of high cliffs without any dress regulations.

But be careful - sometimes there are high waves and it is a bit dangerous going swimming - specially because there are NO lifeguards at all the Papagayo Beaches.

Lanzarote: Playa de Papagayo

The "Playa El Papagayo" is the last by rocks semicircular enclosed bay of the "Playas de Papagayo". On the hill over this beach there are also some small bars to buy and enjoy tapas, beer, wine and soft drinks - served under rustic umbrellas on the terraces overlooking the beach. Since summer 2015, there is been built a staircase with posts and ropes for a more comfortable walk down to the beach or up to one of the snack bars.

Tapas Bars at the beach Playa Papagayo

View to the little tapas bars or snack bars on the hill top above the Papgayo beach. You will reach this place by driving the sand road to its end. below: The townhall oif Yaiza has built a new way down to one of the beaches next to this parking area - so people with buggies or persons not so fit in mountain climbing may walk down to the sandy beach much more safer and more comfortable. What a luxury in a natural park!

Playa la Cera with new stairway down to the beach

Playas de Papagayo view to Playa Blanca
Above: View from the end of Papagayo Beaches back to Playa Blanca.


Be very careful with Sunbathing

Papagayo BeautyPapagayo - Sexy Girl at the BeachThe Sun. No one should underestimate the strength of the sun on Lanzarote. lt is recommended that visitors wear a sun hat and use a high factor sun cream, specially at midday, when the heat is most intense. And specially on Papagayo Beaches you should be well protected against sunburn because there is no opportunity to sit in the shaddow exept you bring your own sun umbrella with you to the beach.

Do not be mistaken into thinking that the cooling wind - the sea breeze - you may feel on your skin means that there is no danger of sunburn. Ultra-Violet rays can penetrate through clouds and through light clothing. So, whatever you do, avoid going straight down to the beaches and roasting there! May be next day you will be a good customer of apothecary's shop in Playa Blanca ;-)

Some beaches are naturist areas which means you can take sunbaths nude as well as swim in the sea without any bathing costume. A free feeling but a higher risk to get sun burn on that places of your body which never have been exposed to the sun. Be free but take care!

Girls at the beach sun bathing

Papagayo beaches are perfect for sun bathing. Feel free but take care of your skin - the sun burns!

Lanzarote: Playa Caleta del Congrio

View to the beaches "Playa Caleta del Congrio" and "Playa de Puerto Muelas" which open to the east side in direction to Puerto del Carmen / Arrecife - where the parking area and the public place for motor caravans can be found. On these two beaches you can swim naked and enioy the sun without bathing costume.

The beach Playa del Pozo

Above: View to the beach named Playa del Pozo - the central beach in between the parkings. It's the beach which is not reachable by car. To enjoy this calm and natural hidden place you must walk over some hills to reach the sea and the fine sand at the beach.

Playa Mujeres in Februar - without lots of people

In the months January to April the beaches are empty of people - a walk along the coast can be very calm and is a chance to discover the natural park and all the little details of nature here while breathing the clean salty Atlantic air.

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