Historical Sea Salt Pans · The Salines and the unique wild Black Beach "Playa Janubio" is a Place worth to visit and to walk in fine black Lava Sand

Salinas LanzaroteThe old historical salt pans nowadays are only partially used to extract salt from sea water. In earlier days much more salt was produced for fishing and for preservation of fresh fish food. You can see the many small pans quite clearly where the sea water was left to evaporate, leaving the salt behind. The salt was used to preserve the catch when fisher boats spent days fishing without refrigeration.

Some rests of the old buildings as an old wind mill are visible and today they are silent reminders of former days when salt was an important trading product on the island. When you visit the salinas you may see some fields with white heaps of salt - fresh salt from the ocean - before it will be packed for selling. It is used to be delivered to the restaurants for cooking fish in salt cover as well as being used for swimming pool water instead of chlorine. Also you may buy a package of original pure sea salt "Janubio" in some shops like in Femés or even in the Hiperdino supermarkets.

Salinas Janubio Lanzarote
The historical salt pans to extract sea salt for fishing and preservation as well as being added to the water of swimming pools instead of chlorine.

More and more often the salt as a natural product is used instead of chlorine to be put in the water of pools. This is a better way to make the pool water more ecologically compatible and well-tolerated by the skin. There are also actual plans by the government of Lanzarote to recover the salinas and to open it officially for sightseeing tours - as a new tourist attraction. Then there will be a building with informations, shop to buy the salt in small packages and may be there also will be installed a small restaurant or coffee bar to have a break. We are anxious to see what the government will realize in the near future... but it will take time as everything on Lanzarote...

Overlooking the Salt Pans of the Salinas Lanzarote

View to the bay with its fileds and pans to produce sea salt.

Patchwork made of different Salt Pans

Like a patchwork carpet the salt pans are glittering in the sun.

The unique black Beach "Playa Janubio" with its fine black Lava Sand and white Foam of the Waves · a natural Spectacle

On the other side of the bay, beyond the salt pans, there is a car park, from which one can walk comfortable along the natural beach of black lava sand and admire the high rolling waves. Great rollers crash onto the beach and one breathes crystal clear and salty sea air. The white sea foam is prickling on the feet and it is healthy to walk along the water front barefooted in the salty and sandy black lava sand.

Following the road from the car park in direction to "El Golfo" this road leads through fields of broken lava rocks passing the sightseeing location "Los Heriverdos" towards the fishermens village El Golfo. The village of El Golfo is best known for its restaurants direct at the seaside which provide freshly caught fish and sea food from Lanzarote. And: it is a sensation to watch one of the spectacular sunsets from the restautans terraces while enjoying dinner and wine...

A wonderful excursion with impressive experiences of nature!

Playa Janubio - the black Lava Beach
Black long beach "Playa Janubio" with white sea foam

A unique place to watch spectacular sunsets and high waves...
Sunset at the Playa Janubio

Playa Janubio with higher Waves

On windy days the metres high waves with its white foam running up
the black beach and spreading around a salty wet air are a worth seeing
natural spactacle. A place only to watch an walking along - swimming forbidden!

Playa Janubio with higher Waves

A smililar place at the west coast is "Los Hervideros" (click the link).

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Location : Salinas y Playa Janubio

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