The Island of La Graciosa is located in the north of Lanzarote · La Graciosa is the beautiful, the bright and the graceful eighth Island of the Canaries

La GraciosaLa Graciosa is a flat island located in the Chinijo Archipelago north of Lanzarote, on which there are four volcanic mountains. "Las Agujas" with its 226 meters height is the highest one. The island has golden, sandy beaches and offers beautiful hiking trails and an intact wild nature for lovers of seclusion and closeness to nature. The sailor Jean de Béthencourt christened the little island in 1402 in the name of "La Graciosa". The island is home to two settlements: Caleta de Sebo (seaport) and Pedro Barba. (The exact location can be found in the map section and on the Google Map below)

La Graciosa - View down from the location "Mirador del Río"

La Graciosa - view down from the location "Mirador del Río" overlooking the island. In the front the village Caleta de Sebo with the little harbor and in the background on the horizon the two islands Montaña Clara and Alegranza.

The arrival on the island of La Graciosa is only possible by boat from Orzola on Lanzarote to Caleta de Sebo on la Graciosa, the port and the largest settlement on the small island. The compounds of the "Linea Maritima Romero" are good but depends on the weather and the waves, because the small ferries can not always cross the "Rio" with its 1.5 km distance between Lanzarote and La Graciosa and land in the harbor. Moreover, the ferry crossing is something for people without fear of seasickness, because the catamaran boats pitch and toss a little more than usual in the waves! Timetables and prices for the ferry see below.

Entrance to the Harbor of Caleta de Sebo La Graciosa

Above: View from sea to the small port and the village Caleta de Sebo, in the background with the volcanoes "Las Agujas Grandes" (266 m) and "Las Agujas Chicas" (257 m) approximately in the center of the island.

Arrived in Caleta de Sebo, one is surprised by the quite handsomely grown harbor and therefore incurs infrastructure: bars, cafés, restaurants and shops are here now - but what makes the stay at the end quite pleasant. There is also a butcher shop and a bread shop. In the small tapas bars you sit outside and enjoy life in Canarian delicacies. Only a few minutes from the port the sandy village beach ca be found, where the population of Caleta de Sebo enjoys meeting and presenting themselves in the newest bikini.

Below: View to the small village of the local beach Caleta de Sebo: sandy beach with several beach bars!

Village Beach Caleta de Sebo La Graciosa

Caleta de Sebo is "car-free" except for the few jeep taxis and vehicles of residents. The streets in the village are all made of sand, as it can be found on the beach. There are no tarred roads or paved paths. The long rows of buildings from single individual houses are in the sand and act something like factory flats - but that comes from the history of this island. In the center the church "Virgen del Mar" is located - with a small stoned courtyard. There is also a concrete paved village square near by - a safe place for festivities.

The Church La Vigen del Mar

Above: The Church "La Virgen del Mar".
Below: View of two streets - sand tracks - in Caleta de Sebo, viewed from the center and church square branch. In the center there is also the only Farmacia - the village pharmacy!

Sand Road in Caleta de Sebo

Sand Road with Palm Trees in Caleta de Sebo

Village Pharmacy of Caleta de Sebo La Graciosa

Hikers from Caleta de Sebo to the sea can walk on beautiful sandy trails along beautiful beaches. Interesting forms of vegetation can be found. Here grow plants such as Barilla and Aulaga directly in the salty sand. The Aulaga plant has unfortunately again heavily overgrown the island - in earlier times that was different because this plant has been used for cooking and baking as combustible material - therefore these wild plants have been greatly reduced and even allocated to the people of the village. Today, unfortunately, ther is no longer an issue ... power for cooking and for lighting is wired from Lanzarote - water comes via pipeline also from the "big island" (desalinated seawater). Today nobody needs Aulagas to heat the kitchen oven!

Wide Sand Beaches on La Graciosa

Above: Overlooking the wide, sandy beaches on the island.
Below: Lovely colorful plants can be found in the salty sand at the beaches.

Schöne Pflanzen im Sand

Below: The young and still slender plants are dancing in the sand by the wind ...

Die jungen Pflanzen tanzen im Sand...

A very beautiful and visually unique beach is located at the foot of Montaña Amarilla. With 172 meters of height this volcano mountain is partially cut from the sea. Here are the two small, but bath suitable beaches "Playa de la Cocina" and "Playa Francesa". The walk to this place there takes about 45 minutes from Caleta de Sebo - but worth it highly for people who want to enjoy naked crystal-clear, turquoise, clean seawater overlooking the craggy volcanic massif in a unique atmosphere!

Lonely Beach at the Foot of the Volcano

In Caleta de Sebo there are also bike rentals for those who like to cycle around the island - but it should be noted that La Graciosa is a nature reserve and bikers may not go on all paths and roads. Please respect the natural reserve and use only the marked paths and roads with caution on plants, breeding birds or other small animals.

By the way: From the "Mirador del Rio" (see link) - the most northern viewpoint on Lanzarote - you can see La Graciosa from above. If you walk around the balcony railing or look from the rooftop of the building, there is a unique panoramic view on to the whole island.

Below: This image shows the massif mountains from the ferry, where the viewpoint Mirador del Rio is located on the top.

View from the Ferry to Lanzarote


Time Table and Prices: Ferry
Lanzarote - La Graciosa you will find under this link (en)

Price for return journey:
Adults EURO 20,00
Children EURO 11,00

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